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Welcome to
Empire / Republic


About Us

We are a fun, outgoing, friendly, mature, and endgame focused progression guild.

Members get the benefit of being in a guild that our member base are very well experienced and knowledgeable in doing progression raiding in SWTOR.

Both casual and active players will be able to participate in all the guild events that are scheduled in the event planner. Though to keep building, growing, and progression near end game content members will go through a process to assist them to be end game ready.

Members that like to PvP are more than welcome to join as well!

*Please note: Most of the scheduled operations are primarily on the Empire faction.In the near future there will be scheduled operations for the Republic faction. 

Guild Milestones
Dread Fortress Hard Mode
Corrupter Zero

Dread Palace Hard Mode
Dread Council

Dread Fortress Nightmare Mode
Nefra Who Bars the Way